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About Us

Artkive has been helping families transform kid art into keepsake books and mosaic frames for 10 years. While the majority of our customers were sending in kid art and schoolwork, we started to see many customers sending in greeting cards and letters they wanted to preserve. Our customers spoke and we listened. We designed a special box and an easy service. We turn your greeting cards into special books that make it super easy to access your memories and the wishes from your loved ones.

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Artkive Beginnings

Jedd Gold and Jeff Lipp are more than co-founders. They're also cousins. And they're fellow dads who share a passion for innovation, quality, and community.

Jedd and Jeff grew up on the East Coast and found themselves both living in Los Angeles pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors. With complementary skill sets and a similar problem — what to do with all the mementos (art, greeting cards, photos) that were pilling up inside their homes — they came together to find a solution.

Artkive Now

Jedd's focus is on the customer experience and identifying new ways to grow. He shares a mutual love of musical theater with his two daughters, and serves on the board of Food Forward, which is committed to providing underserved populations with healthy food options.

Jeff makes sure Artkive runs like a well-oiled machine. When he isn't working closely with the outstanding operations and production teams, he's with his wife and kids or in a yoga class. He's on the board of UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind, which promotes confidence and a healthy lifestyle among youth.

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Explore Other Kive Products
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Artkive is the market leader in digitizing, saving, and celebrating children’s artwork. We are powered by parents who understand just how special a child’s work of art is. We provide a shipping kit to customers to send in their stacks of artwork, then professionally photograph each piece to create a stunning keepsake book or custom framed mosaic print. Artkive is a special way to boost children’s creative confidence and preserve memories.


Gift your loved one Lifekive! Every week for a year, Lifekive emails your loved one a prompt, they respond with a story and optional photos. At the end of the year, those stories are turned into a beautiful keepsake book. The perfect way to honor their legacy and uncover stories you've never heard.


We take your precious photos and turn them into a gorgeous keepsake book for safekeeping and sharing with loved ones. This product operates similarly to Cards by Artkive, where we send you a box and you send back as many photos as you can fit into the box!  You also get a free digital download of each individual image you send in.

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